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Get your child to try new foods!

Look no further, I’ve got several evidence-based ways to help give your child (even picky eaters) good nutrition today…and instill a life-long LOVE of healthy eating.

I’ve helped hundreds of families take back control of their mealtimes.

And, set their toddlers and preschoolers on the path to be little foodies in the making! All without resorting to the forceful ways of the past.


Get evidence-based strategies for your child’s nutrition.

And, healthy recipes and snacks for kids too.

To start, you’ll get 101 Healthy Snack Ideas (that even picky eaters will eat).

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Ready to Take Action Now?

I’ve got 3 online seminars for you!

Online Seminar: Introducing Solid Foods (4-8 months): How to safely meet your baby’s rapidly changing nutrition needs. What you need to know about purees, Baby Led Weaning finger foods, avoiding choking, and preventing allergies. Get Access Now!

Online Seminar: Prevent Picky Eating (9 months – 2 years): How to transition from baby food to big kid food (while making sure your child is getting the nutrition they need). Get Access Now!

Online Seminar: Snacking Secrets: How to plan healthy snacks that your 2 – 5 year old will eat (without ruining their dinner) . Get Access Now!


Looking for Individualized Help?

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