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40 Days to a Happy, Healthy You: Weight Loss Program

  • Are you putting things off until you lose weight?
  • Want your body back after having kids? Or maybe you were never happy with your body?
  • Have you hit 40 (or 50) and don’t recognize your body because of the weight you’ve gained?
  • Tried diets in the past that either didn’t work or you gained the weight back? Ready to make real life changes?

It’s tempting to fall for the quick fix guarantees of diets, detoxes, and cleanses. The weight loss promises sound great and the before and after photos are seductive.

But let’s face it, if losing weight was easy, you would have lost it already.

The truth is that you need real evidence about how to eat to have a healthy body, personalized to fit your life. Plus support to make long-term lifestyle changes for permanent weight loss.

I’m here to support you.

As women it can be difficult for us to reach out for help. We want to be strong, we pride ourselves in saying “I’ve got it under control”, because we do successfully manage so much. As one intelligent woman to another: why do it alone when I can help you?

At 40 years old I have a healthy body that I love. I turned around weight gain that was creeping up on me after my divorce. How? By changing my eating, reigning in cravings and emotional eating, and adopting habits to make me happier. I even achieved a life-long dream: really learning to surf (no more beginner waves for me)! Now I’m confident in a bikini, have amazing energy, and I’m happier than ever before!

I want you to be as happy and healthy as I am. To love your body. And, enjoy food.

Be your happy weight.

Never diet again.

This isn’t a diet. It’s an individualized weight loss service for busy women (who aren’t 20 years old anymore). And, men too. What you’ll get:

  • What to eat – healthy eating strategy completely personalized to you. This isn’t a short-term weight loss diet plan. It’s complete freedom for real-life eating in a way that includes your favourite foods, balanced to support you achieving a healthy body. Absolutely no counting calories/ points or being hungry.
  • Release from the grip of cravings.
  • Strategies to free you from emotional eating.
  • Daily support (someone to be accountable to).

Contact me now if it’s your time to feel great.

This is different from popular weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and the Ideal Protein Diet. Contact me to find out how.

Do it for yourself. Do it to be a healthy role model for your family.

Here’s How I Will Support You for Real Weight Loss:

  • Personalized assessment and eating action plan. We’ll meet in a location of your choice (e.g. your home). Skype/FaceTime available.
  • Daily email or text check-in from me.
  • Weekly one-to-one calls with me.

You deserve a real nutrition professional.

Food is love. Are you making loving choices for yourself?

Let’s clear the way so you can be your happy weight.

Get the Package today for $797.

**Do you have an extended health plan? You may have dietitian coverage. Check your coverage for details**

Need a payment plan?  Let me know and I’ll be happy to create one that works for you.

Want more than 40 days of support?

  • Add another month of daily check-ins and weekly calls for $297.
  • Add 3 months for $597

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Be your happiest, healthiest you yet. You’re worth it. Contact me (Kristen Yarker Dietitian Victoria BC) now to make it happen.


Nutritional Insight Session

Are you a pretty healthy eater but you want to have more energy, prevent cravings, ensure that you’re doing everything to be healthy?

Get input from a real nutrition expert to make sure you aren’t missing anything.


  • Individualized nutrition assessment.
  • Personalized action plan

Invest in your health today for $149.

Connect with me to chat about which option is the best fit for you:

Lower Mainland: 604-506-0399

Victoria & South Island: 250-532-0609


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