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A Difficult (But Necessary) Step for Losing Weight 40+


This post is inspired from some recent experiences with clients and workshop participants. At first glance, these people looked very different. But they had one thing in common. While they had hired me/ came out to listen to me speak,

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Remove this Sentence to Keep Away Your Diet Self-Saboteur

keep away your diet self-saboteur

Okay, fair warning. It’s rant time. I’ve got something stuck in my craw again and I’m throwing off my sunshine & rainbows positivity hat and going deep. There’s a sentence that I hear people say when they’re talking about food.

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Choose Food for What IS in It


Choosing food for what isn’t in it has been the gateway to a whole lot of ridiculous food trends. I’m old enough to remember when everyone was talking about avoiding eating cholesterol. Like weeds, up sprung “cholesterol-free” labels on all

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Your Health is like a Bank Account

Today’s post is inspired by a conversation that I had with a client over the weekend. It’s a conversation that I have with most clients. We women tend to hold ourselves to a very high standard. There can be a

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NGC: One Treat a Day

This is a powerful technique that I’ve used for a long time with clients who want to gain control of their cravings. I use it in my own life too. I learned about it so long ago that I can’t

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The Perfect Afternoon Snack (for Adults)


It’s not just kids who need snacks. We adults need them too. Today I’m sharing the perfect afternoon snack for us adults. Why? It takes approximately four hours to digest food and start getting hungry again. Planning a healthy snack

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An Object at Rest Stays at Rest

Two recent experiences really brought home an important life lesson for me. There’s a physics law (I can’t remember which one) that recognizes that an object at rest stays at rest. An object in motion stays in motion. As applied

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Sitting Is The New Smoking


As you know the focus of my messages to you is food and nutrition. But on occasion I will stray into other topics that relate to having a healthy body and healthy weight. Because of course nutrition doesn’t happen in

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An Often Overlooked Step for Weight Loss


A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to do nutrition weight loss mini-consultations with a number of women. All of these women had several things in common. They were: Intelligent Successful in high-demand, fast-paced careers Very, very busy.

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