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5th Annual Homemade Ice Pop Recipes

It’s back, my annual home-made ice pop recipe collection. Some may call these homemade popsicles or paletas. Or, frozen smoothies. Whatever you call them they’re a delicious summer treat. I want to give a big shout out to Carla, the

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Roasted Chickpeas – 4 Ways


It’s official – 2016 is the year of the pulse! Pulses, such as chickpeas, are high in vegan-source protein, high in fibre, low-glyemic carbs, and contain lot of other nutrients. Did you know that we grow lots of them in

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Nutrition Game Changer: Eating Protein at Your Afternoon Snack

Something that I recommend for almost all of the women whom I’ve worked with is adding protein to their afternoon snack. Why is this a nutrition game changer? Because in my experience, it helps with a lot of the problems

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Healthy Kids Snack – Banana Roll Ups


Sometimes the classics are a classic for a reason. Bananas and peanut butter simply taste great together. Here’s a fun way to bring this classic duo together in a healthy kids snack. I’m choosing to share it today because it’s

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Peaceful Fruits: A Healthy Snack Food that also Does Good

A new feature that I’ll be doing on occasion is reviewing food items. Why? Because I know that sometimes you just want to know what the heck to put in your grocery cart.  Any foods that I share with you

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Nutrition Game Changer: Hemp Hearts


Recently I had a client who asked me for my nutrition game changers. She was looking for foods or habits that have made a big impact on the nutritional health of clients I’ve worked with. And, in my life too.

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The Perfect Afternoon Snack (for Adults)


It’s not just kids who need snacks. We adults need them too. Today I’m sharing the perfect afternoon snack for us adults. Why? It takes approximately four hours to digest food and start getting hungry again. Planning a healthy snack

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Is Your Workplace Working Against Your Eating? #NutritionMonth

While I do believe in individual responsibility, we’re influenced by our surroundings. Most of us spend a lot of our time at work. If you want to eat healthy, it’s worth taking a look at whether your workplace is stacking

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