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Do I Need to Soak Nuts and Grains (Anti-Nutrients)?


My favourite topics to write about are the topics that you, community members, ask me to address. Today’s topic comes from a community member. She asked: “Is there any truth to the idea that we should be soaking our nuts

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5th Annual Homemade Ice Pop Recipes

It’s back, my annual home-made ice pop recipe collection. Some may call these homemade popsicles or paletas. Or, frozen smoothies. Whatever you call them they’re a delicious summer treat. I want to give a big shout out to Carla, the

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Don’t Make this #1 Mistake with Picky Eaters

The most common mistake that I see parents make with picky eaters is that they stop serving their kids foods that they don’t eat. I understand why parents make this choice. It seems futile to go to the effort of

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Healthy Eating Storybook: Stargold the Food Fairy

To celebrate the end of Nutrition Month, I caught up with fellow dietitian Claudia Lemay, RD to find out about her new nutrition children’s storybook. It’s available on Amazon. And, the e-book version is free today and tomorrow!   KY:

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Spitting Out is OKAY

While it may be considered poor table manners (and perhaps somewhat gross) to spit food back out, it’s actually a good strategy for helping picky eaters gain the confidence to try new foods. For toddlers and preschoolers, trying a new

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Why I’m Anti-Anti-Sugar

In my notes to you I usually take a positive approach. Sharing what I want you to include more of in your eating habits. But I had an experience recently that’s caused something to be stuck in my craw. So

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Another Reason to Plan Your Meals

It’s been unavoidable this past week. Every newscast seems to be talking about how the low Canadian dollar is going to mean increasing food costs. Ugh. Not exactly the news that we want to hear after the expensive holiday season.

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NGC: One Treat a Day

This is a powerful technique that I’ve used for a long time with clients who want to gain control of their cravings. I use it in my own life too. I learned about it so long ago that I can’t

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Halibut Avocado Tacos


  I’m often asked for fish recipes that kids will eat. This is a good one for several reasons. First, halibut is a very mild (read: non-fishy) fish. Second, lots of kids enjoy “deconstructed” or “build your own” style meals

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When You Fall Off the Wagon, Get Back on Again

How great would it be if it was easy to start new healthy habits? Everyone would be perfectly healthy. I’d be out of a job. Some days I fantasize about working in a fabulous boutique. But my job in a

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