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Healthier Chocolate Nut Spread


You asked for a healthier alternative to the famous (and delicious) chocolate hazelnut spread (you know which one). Today I’m sharing not just one, but 4 alternatives. All are much lower in sugar and have no palm oil. Just in

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Nutrition Game Changer: Overnight Steel Cut Oats


Discovering overnight oats, particularly when made with steel cut oats, has literally changed my mornings. I was always a breakfast eater. Usually toast. Then by 10:30am I was always hungry again. Not just a general hunger, I craved baked goods

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Healthy Kids Snack – Banana Roll Ups


Sometimes the classics are a classic for a reason. Bananas and peanut butter simply taste great together. Here’s a fun way to bring this classic duo together in a healthy kids snack. I’m choosing to share it today because it’s

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Nutrition Game Changer: Hemp Hearts


Recently I had a client who asked me for my nutrition game changers. She was looking for foods or habits that have made a big impact on the nutritional health of clients I’ve worked with. And, in my life too.

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Are You Eating the Right Breakfast?


I don’t know if the old saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is true. It may not be the most important meal. But it certainly is an important one. Starting off with the right breakfast raises

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Overnight Oatmeal


Do you find that weekday mornings are rushed? If so, you’re not alone. Most families I work with name this (and weeknight evenings) as the most harried times of the week. Usually I share recipe ideas that can help with

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