Child Nutrition Services

child nutrition services

In-Home Baby Feeding Instruction

Are you concerned that introducing your baby to solid foods isn’t going well? In this in-home, personalized child nutrition service you will get tried and true techniques, the best baby foods, and the latest evidence on meeting your baby’s nutrition needs and concerns about food allergies as you start baby food. Be confident that you are giving your baby the skills to become a healthy eater. (Appropriate for families with babies 4-9 months) Runs approximately 1 hour. Contact Kristen today for your baby feeding session 

In-Home Picky Eaters Session Package

  • Concerned that your child isn’t getting enough veggies, protein, variety of food?
  • Tired of begging your child to take “one more bite”? And, wondering if there is a better way?
  • Sick of eating noodles every day because it’s all your child will eat?
  • Not satisfied copying what everyone else does? But also refusing to use the forceful techniques you experienced as a child?

We’ll get to the bottom of what’s really going on with your picky eater. Then, in this child nutrition service we’ll work together with step-by-step strategies so you can have quality family mealtime (with less stress, effort, and time).

This service is applicable for typically-developing kids and kids with sensory issues (diagnosed and non-diagnosed). I offer a modified version for kids on the Autism Spectrum (ASD) who are moderate to high functioning. I am working behind the scenes to create feeding services for children who are the full range of the spectrum. Also, check back in the Fall for adolescent (teen) nutrition services.

Includes strategies to:

  • Get your child to eat without a battle (toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged kids)
  • Get your child to eat more foods and try new foods
  • Make sure that your child is getting the nutrition they need

Includes an initial in-home session (runs approximately 2 hours) and two follow-up phone sessions (30min each).

Contact Kristen, dietitian Victoria BC (and Vancouver BC) today to book your picky eater session.