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Eating for Two: Prenatal Nutrition
Urban Baby and Toddler Magazine Winter 2016

Nutritional Lunches: Three Simple Steps to Get Creative
Urban Baby and Toddler Magazine Fall 2016

A Whole New Spin on Eating Veggies
Urban Baby and Toddler Magazine Summer 2016

Meal Planning: Seven Simple Steps to Get You Started
Urban Baby and Toddler Magazine Spring 2016

Get Creative: Your Children Can Learn to Love Salads!
Urban Baby and Toddler Magazine Summer 2015

Healthy Meal Planning: Join the Meatless Movement
Urban Baby and Toddler Magazine Spring 2015


Iron for Infants
Common Ground Magazine April 2014

Picky Little Eaters
Common Ground Magazine May 2014


Expert Nutrition Contributor to 30 Second Mom

Expert Nutrition Contributor to Love Child Organics’ blog


Packed Lunches for Picky Eaters
Modern Mama

Ahh the Pressure! Is my Baby Ready for Solids or Should I wait?
Modern Mama

The Innocent Path to Short-Order Cooking (and Preventing Picky Eating)
Modern Mama

Why it Hurts so Much When Your Child Refuses to Eat.
Modern Mama

Why Foodies Have Picky Eaters: Trendspotting
Modern Mama

The #1 Foundational Step for Preventing Picky Eaters
Modern Mama

Are You Giving Your Baby Iron-Rich Foods?
Modern Mama

Which is Best: Puree vs Baby Led Weaning (BLW)?
Modern Mama


Use After School Snacks to Get Picky Eaters to Try New Foods

Healthy Summertime Snacks for Kids

Picky Eater? 5 Great Benefits of Serving Meals Family-Style


Getting Picky Eaters to Try New Foods
Health Your Way Online

Healthy Eating for Kids (Even Picky Eaters)
Health Your Way Online

Nettle Frittata
Health Your Way Online

Making Meals Happen
Health Your Way Online

Kids and Vegetables: A New Strategy
Health Your Way Online

Interviewed in:

4 Ways to Help Your Kids Live Longer
Today’s Parent

The Rules of Healthy Snacking
Best Health Magazine

Nursing Diet: Does What You Eat Affect Your Breastfed Babe’s Tummy? Experts Say Probably Not.
Today’s Parent
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Beyond the Jar: Making Your Own Baby Food
Westcoast Families

“Yuck! I Hate That!”: Parents Have Long Fought Dinner-Table Battles with Choosy Children Who have Picky Palates
Winnipeg Free Press

6 Tips to Start Your Kids Off Eating Right
Huffington Post

My 1 Year Old Won’t Eat Solid Food


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