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Should Kids Take a Multivitamin?


I heard back from a lot of folks thanking me for my recent blog post about whether adults should take a multivitamin. So I knew that I needed to answer: should kids take a multivitamin. Just like I said in

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Should I Take a Multivitamin?


I write this blog to be of service to you. So I love it when readers write in with topic ideas. What’s on your mind that I can answer? I want to thank the community member who asked me to

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Over 50? Why You Want to be Taking a B12 Supplement

Something that I’m noticing in working with clients who are 50 or older is that most don’t know that they should be taking B12 by supplement. This is not a new recommendation, but it is little-known. B12 is required for

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Kids Need Vitamin D Supplements Too

I was planning to write about a different topic today. But a conversation that I had last night with a parent was a conversation that I have very frequently with parents. It inspired me to change my plans and make

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What Supplements Can Fight Off Colds?

It’s that time of year. Colds are going around. With the holidays picking up we’re going to be susceptible to more of them as we gather for events, get even less sleep, and travel in airplanes, on ferries, etc. Last

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