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Peanut Banana Chocolate Ganache Bites

YAY! It’s my annual chocolate recipe. Perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day. If you’re new to following me you might wonder why a dietitian is sharing a chocolate recipe. Quite simply, because food is more than just fuel for our bodies.

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Roasted Chickpeas – 4 Ways

It’s official – 2016 is the year of the lentil! Lentils, such as chickpeas, are high in vegan-source protein, high in fibre, low-glyemic carbs, and contain lot of other nutrients. Did you know that we grow lots of them in

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Squash Soup with Orange and Ginger

  This squash soup, with its bright orange colour and warming ginger is my “chicken” soup that I eat when I have a cold or the flu. Or when I’m looking for comfort food to warm me on a cold

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J-K Spaghetti Sauce

I’ve even had Italian guys say that this is the best spaghetti sauce that they’ve ever had (but don’t tell their Moms). It’s my adaptation of my Mom’s recipe. A thick sauce is great for spaghetti. For lasagna, thin the sauce

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Halibut Avocado Tacos

  I’m often asked for fish recipes that kids will eat. This is a good one for several reasons. First, halibut is a very mild (read: non-fishy) fish. Second, lots of kids enjoy “deconstructed” or “build your own” style meals

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Beets: What to Do With Them

These versatile root veggies are one of my favourites! A classic storage, root veggie, you can find local ones throughout the winter. Beets have been making headlines lately because they may help boost exercise performance. Many kids like them because of their

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Banana Roll Ups

Sometimes the classics are a classic for a reason. Bananas and peanut butter simply taste great together. Here’s a fun way to bring this classic duo together. I’m choosing to share it today because it’s easy for young hands to

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Nutrition Game Changer: Cook The Night Before


  Last month I introduced the concept of nutrition game changers. Nutrition game changers are foods or simple habits that can make a big impact in your health. Some might use the term ‘nutrition hacks’. Today, I had planned to

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Banana Ice Cream (Dairy and Sugar Free)


I wish that I had discovered this recipe earlier in my life. It’s creamy, smooth and delicious – just like ice cream! Banana ice cream. While it’s vegan and sugar-free, the best thing about this recipe (besides the taste) is

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Fresh Fruit Granitas


Similar to a slushie but made with real fruit, granitas are super refreshing in the summer heat. They’re easy to prepare. The only tricky thing is to plan ahead so that you’re home and you remember to break up the

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