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2 Favourite, Filling Salads


Full-meal salads are my absolute go-to during the summer months. And, with the growing trend of salads-in-a-jar, I can see that others are catching on. The secret to a perfectly balanced, full-meal salad (that will actually fill you up) is

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Carrot Salad

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the classics. Carrot salad is perfect for this time of year – when we’re tired of eating Winter fare but we’re still waiting for Spring and Summer’s local bounty. Naturally sweet, this is

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2 Easy Matcha Desserts


First, I want to let you know that I am not a baker. Second, I love sweets. So, you know that if I’m sharing a dessert recipe it’s going to be delicious and super easy. The two recipes that I’m

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Peanut Banana Chocolate Ganache Bites


YAY! It’s my annual chocolate recipe. Perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day. If you’re new to following me you might wonder why a dietitian is sharing a chocolate recipe. Quite simply, because food is more than just fuel for our bodies.

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Roasted Chickpeas – 4 Ways


It’s official – 2016 is the year of the pulse! Pulses, such as chickpeas, are high in vegan-source protein, high in fibre, low-glyemic carbs, and contain lot of other nutrients. Did you know that we grow lots of them in

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Squash Soup with Orange and Ginger


  This squash soup, with its bright orange colour and warming ginger is my “chicken” soup that I eat when I have a cold or the flu. Or when I’m looking for comfort food to warm me on a cold

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J-K Spaghetti Sauce


I’ve even had Italian guys say that this is the best spaghetti sauce that they’ve ever had (but don’t tell their Moms). It’s my adaptation of my Mom’s recipe. This sauce is one of my comfort foods. I smell it

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Halibut Avocado Tacos


  I’m often asked for fish recipes that kids will eat. This is a good one for several reasons. First, halibut is a very mild (read: non-fishy) fish. Second, lots of kids enjoy “deconstructed” or “build your own” style meals

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Beets: What to Do With Them


These versatile root veggies are one of my favourites! A classic storage, root veggie, you can find local ones throughout the winter. Beets have been making headlines lately because they may help boost exercise performance. Many kids like them because of their

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Healthy Kids Snack – Banana Roll Ups


Sometimes the classics are a classic for a reason. Bananas and peanut butter simply taste great together. Here’s a fun way to bring this classic duo together in a healthy kids snack. I’m choosing to share it today because it’s

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