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Peanut Banana Chocolate Ganache Bites


YAY! It’s my annual chocolate recipe. Perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day. If you’re new to following me you might wonder why a dietitian is sharing a chocolate recipe. Quite simply, because food is more than just fuel for our bodies.

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NGC: Are You Drinking Enough?


Want to know a subtle and sneaky thing that could be making you feel tired and irritable? Giving you headaches? The answer is mild dehydration. Or, on the flip-side, drinking enough fluids is a super easy way to give you

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Baked Avocado Eggs


I’m a long-time lover of avocados and so I’m excited to see that many others have realized how delicious they are. And, that their healthy fat is not something of which to be afraid.¬†Browsing around Pinterest for some cooking inspiration

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Sugar-Free Easter Ideas

sugar-free easter ideas

Hallowe’en, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, there are so many holidays that involve a lot of candy. I’m often asked by health-conscious parents how to handle these holidays. Here are some sugar-free Easter ideas to keep all the fun of the

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