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Tackle your emotional eating this #NutritionMonth

emotional eating

Does a big slab of chocolate cake make you feel better after a really bad day? Do you turn to carbs for comfort? It’s common to use food as a way to make yourself feel better when you are sad,

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Chocolate Chia Pudding


All I can say is chocolate chia pudding … yum! Healthy eating is all about eating good fuel for your body AND eating for pleasure. This delicious treat fits both categories. It’s chocolatey goodness that’s made with chia seeds. Chia

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Truth or Myth: Eating at Night Makes you Fat

One of the myths that seems to have real staying power is that eating after 7pm will make you fat. I can’t tell you how many times people “confess” their eating “sin” to me that while they try not to

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Why I Don’t Believe in Cheat Days

If we’ve been connected for a while, you’ll know that I prefer to be positive. I talk about the things I want you to do more of, eat more of, instead of the things I want you to cut out

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Start Your Day by Setting an Intention

In a podcast that I was listening to recently, the speaker suggested starting each day by setting an intention for the day. I’ve been doing it myself and LOVING it. The rest of the day, when I’m making choices about

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NGC*: Sleep

Today I’m coming to you with some news that I know you’ll like. Which is a treat for me because usually I’m the bearer of bad news – telling you to eat less sugar, drink less alcohol, etc. Today I’m

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NGC: No Sugar at Breakfast

This month’s nutrition game changer (NGC)* relates to breakfast. While I may not agree with the common sentiment that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (they’re all equally important), I have found that getting breakfast right can

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Why I’m Anti-Anti-Sugar

In my notes to you I usually take a positive approach. Sharing what I want you to include more of in your eating habits. But I had an experience recently that’s caused something to be stuck in my craw. So

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Peanut Banana Chocolate Ganache Bites


YAY! It’s my annual chocolate recipe. Perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day. If you’re new to following me you might wonder why a dietitian is sharing a chocolate recipe. Quite simply, because food is more than just fuel for our bodies.

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NGC: Daily Gratitude Practice

A Nutrition Game Changer (NGC) is a food or habit that has made a big impact on the nutritional health of clients I’ve worked with. And, in my life too. Some may call these nutrition hacks. But I’m not a

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